New Options For Using First Party Data to Improve Ad Campaigns

Since we acquired Spacio in January, we’ve been working on integrating our services to make them even better together. Today, we’re happy to announce new targeting capabilities powered by Spacio and additional data sources.

  • Reach registered open house guests with listings and ads by using Spacio leads in your ad targeting
  • Retarget recent visitors to your Boost landing pages or your website through tracking pixels
  • Include a list of contacts to reach your database of prospects and clients

The new functionality comes at a time when we’re doing more to help companies leverage their own data. This first party data can boost campaign performance and allow you to reach groups that nobody else can.

Include Recent Open House Guests in Ad Targeting

If you want to reach consumers that are likely to be interested in your real estate ads, how about targeting visitors to your recent open houses? You can when you use Spacio to handle guest registration at your events.

Guests that sign in at your events are now made available to you to reach with Boost ads from your dashboard.

To add your open house guests to your next Boost campaign, look for the new choices available in the dashboard when selecting your audience.

Website Retargeting Audiences

We’ve also added the ability to reach recent website visitors as another source of high-intent consumers. This is a great option when you are reaching people that are early in their home buying process. If they are browsing for homes and click your listing ad to view the details, they may not be ready to take action despite the fact that they’re actively shopping for homes. You can prevent these home buyers from slipping through the cracks by staying in front of them with other listings and ads about your business in the following weeks.

When you use HomeSpotter landing pages for your Boost campaigns, we automatically keep track of who has clicked through your ad and make them available to you to retarget.

If you are using your company or personal website for your ads’ landing pages, we can enable retargeting audiences for you as well. By installing HomeSpotter’s tracking pixel, you can reach recent visitors in your Boost ad campaigns and make sure that you’re staying top of mind.

Upload Your Contacts

Do you want to make sure your sphere of influence or database of farming contacts sees you online? Now you can upload your own contacts for use in your ad campaigns and reach them on Facebook, Instagram and top sites across the web.

Once you upload your personal contacts, we will work on matching your list to accounts that are reachable through social sites and on the web and will include them in your targeting segments.

Stay tuned for additional product updates as we continue to improve our products!

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