Everything Real Estate Marketers Need To Know About Google and Apple’s Upcoming Privacy Changes

Who’s Taking My Cookies?

By 2022, Google and Apple will phase out support for third-party cookies and automated mobile tracking, which have acted as the foundation for targeted online marketing. These new privacy standards are necessary, as they reflect both the desire of consumers and the standards that may soon be put forth by the government. 

But they also have the potential to upend the success of real estate companies who have used online ads to grow their brand reputations and businesses. Many of these companies and their agents rely on soon-to-be-obsolete technology to run ads that:

  • Retarget site visitors
  • Engage sphere contacts
  • Identify and target qualified prospects

Alternatives to cookies and automated mobile tracking are emerging quickly, but it’s easy to miss the latest updates. In this white paper, we offer insights on what’s coming next and how top real estate companies are leaning into marketing strategies that will allow them to remain competitive and privacy-compliant.

“At the heart of real estate is the trust between buyers, sellers and the agents and brokers who serve them.” “Real estate companies should explore all the alternatives — from permission-based advertising, to more local ad partnerships and beyond — to ensure we meet this moment.”

Nick Kozel, Chief Marketing Officer, Edina Realty

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