87,000 Clicks Later: How Dennis Bamber Uses Online Ads to Build His Business in Two Distinct Markets

Dennis Bamber

Brokerage: Cressy & Everett
Home market: Northern Indiana, Southwest Michigan
Total listings boosted since 2019: 250+
Total ad views: 1.8 million
Total clicks: 87,000+

Most agents find it difficult to become the most well-known agent in their chosen area. But Cressy and Everett’s power agent Dennis Bamber operates and excels in two distinct markets: the suburbs of northern Indiana and the waterfront of Lake Michigan and 100+ inland lakes across southwest Michigan. 

Marketing properties in Indiana

To satisfy listing clients in the more traditional market of northern Indiana, Dennis relies on his proprietary “Dynamic 30-point Marketing Program.” In this program, his team mixes old-school outreach techniques, including direct mail flyers, market reports and phone calls, with newer modes, including:

  • Email campaigns
  • “Circle marketing” text campaigns, which target users near a listing
  • Digital ad campaigns from Boost by HomeSpotter

“I can tell from the comments I see on our Facebook ads that the Boost campaigns are reaching the right audience. People will post, ‘Nice home,’ or ‘When can I see it?’ and that really reinforces their value.” 

Selling lakefront homes in Michigan

For his Michigan waterfront properties, Dennis layers on additional campaigns and partnerships to help him market to the right audience, which isn’t always local. 

“For luxury lakefront homes in particular, we need to get in front of buyers who are further out and who may purchase the property as a second home or vacation home. We target the suburbs, including into the Chicago area, which is about 2 hours away, to get the exposure these properties require.”

Dennis reaches this niche audience through publications like Luxury Portfolio International, a local TV show and through super-optimized websites that drive organic traffic from aspiring waterfront buyers and sellers. One of his websites, lakehouse.com, boasts more than 12 million visitors per month. 

The common marketing thread: Targeted online ads

As with his Indiana properties, Dennis also uses targeted listing ads from Boost by HomeSpotter to market his lakefront listings in Michigan. Because he has enabled Boost’s Subscribe & Save feature, his listings in both markets are automatically boosted and the ads are discounted 12%. This doesn’t mean the ads run without input: Dennis frequently customizes them so he can reach buyers who may be most interested and likely to purchase.

“Boost allows us to launch campaigns quickly, while still being able to customize the ads. I like to tweak some of the ad settings based on my knowledge of the property and the target audience before they are published.”

Over the last three years, Dennis has run 250+ listing ads across both his markets, leading to more than 1.8 million views and 87,000 clicks. All told, his Boost by HomeSpotter ad campaigns are a critical component of his 30-point marketing program, which is designed to consider a listing’s most likely buyer and their preferred means of marketing and outreach.

How does Dennis know that his ads are achieving that goal? When listings aren’t getting the attention they deserve, he relies on Boost to do the heavy lifting. 

“When response to a listing seems slow, the Boost campaign really seems to juice it up and drive immediate interest.”

About Boost by HomeSpotter

Boost helps agents create effective digital ad campaigns through optimized ad templates and targeting that can be customized by property or location. New campaigns take less than five minutes to create through our streamlined setup process. Click here to run a new listing campaign today.

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