HomeSpotter Capitalizes on Spacio Acquisition, Announces Industry-Leading Ad Targeting

Adds an additional source of first party data for use in digital campaigns

Minneapolis, MN – After acquiring open house lead generation leader Spacio in January, HomeSpotter has announced new ad targeting capabilities powered by the service. Clients can now target recent open house visitors as part of their Boost ad campaigns promoting themselves and their listings. 

Spacio joins HomeSpotter’s support of website pixels and uploading contact lists as ways that brands can use their first party data to improve ad performance.

“Being able to capture and utilize open house foot traffic leads is really exciting and one of the key points of value that attracted us to Spacio,” said Aaron Kardell, HomeSpotter’s founder and CEO. “Now our customers have another way to leverage their first party data to create extremely effective ad campaigns that don’t rely on changing targeting policies offered by ad platforms.”

In March, Facebook announced changes to their policies affecting housing ads in response to pressure from the U.S. Department of Housing and Development. The changes will reduce advertisers’ targeting options to prevent potential exclusionary tactics. Beginning this fall, Facebook will no longer allow targeting by zip code or small geographic areas and will restrict the use of interest targeting for housing ads, among other changes.

“Targeting open house visitors is one way that organizations can leverage their existing offline efforts to create the best possible ad performance,” said Kardell. “Any time you can bring high intent, exclusive leads into your targeting pool it’s going to help with results.” 

HomeSpotter is continuing its effort to let brands bring their own data for use in ad campaigns. Real estate brands and brokerage firms can also utilize HomeSpotter’s proprietary website tracking pixel on their own sites to create exclusive audience segments. Drawing on these data sources, HomeSpotter’s Boost ad automation product can create custom audiences per ad, showing a property to the people most likely to respond. For example, a 5 bedroom luxury home on the lake might be shown to people who have previously searched for similar homes on the broker’s site, recent visitors to open houses in the same area, plus HomeSpotter’s own targeting algorithm based on interests and geography.

Tests show that ad campaigns that include first party audiences far outperform the ones using default audiences. A customer piloting HomeSpotter’s retargeting technology to promote open houses has seen nearly double the click through rates on their ads.

The Spacio audience integration is being rolled out to all Boost by HomeSpotter customers during the Inman Connect event 7/23.

About HomeSpotter
HomeSpotter is the industry-leading software product suite for real estate agents, brokers, and MLS providers to build and strengthen customer relationships. Boost automates digital marketing at scale, enabling agents to expand their spheres and impress sellers. Connect gives buyers amazing branded search and agent collaboration tools to carry in their pocket. Spacio’s intelligent open house solution streamlines outdated real estate processes and captures every opportunity.