Mobile Isn’t Just Strategic, It’s Expected

Brokerages that were early adopters of mobile search tools and websites may have enjoyed a strategic advantage in their respective markets. But now, mobile access to real estate listings and information is everywhere — both for agents and consumers. In real estate, apps have transitioned from a unique tool in your overall marketing plan, to an expected service that you must offer to consumers (because if you don’t, another brokerage will.)

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Mobile Realty Apps knows that consumers want the best home search experience, accurate information and real time notifications – especially when they’re driving around a neighborhood they love.

But your mobile strategy isn’t just having an app, it’s about what you do with the app once you have it. Brokerages can regain some strategic advantage by:

  • Actively promoting the app to your agents, clients and prospects

  • Ensuring the design is consistent with your overall branding

  • Providing tips on using the app to drive adoption and reliance over other consumer real estate and search apps

Our brokerage clients that manage their apps in this way receive more leads, experience higher agent adoption and increase their customer satisfaction. Which in the end, is what any great tool in your overall marketing and business strategy should do for you.  Just having a mobile search app won’t drive results, how you incorporate it into your consumer experience will.

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Matt has worked with emerging software companies for more than 15 years. His sales, marketing and consulting experience is focused on growing new companies and helping them gain market share, by focusing on customer needs.

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