No Meeting Wednesday at HomeSpotter

I have been lacking time to think. Substantial amounts of work and day to day activities to keep the business moving forward has depleted me. To effectively provide leadership and inspiration I need to take more time to think beyond all the “work” that fills my day. This morning I am working from a quiet corner at Caribou Coffee.

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 A couple of months ago, HomeSpotter implemented “no meeting Wednesday.” This has been the best productivity hack we have had. Thank you, Aaron! Wednesdays have become not just a day to laser focus on important activities, but also a time to step away and think about our company and my team. Having this time allows me to ask questions like: Are we accomplishing the right things? How can I help us move forward intentionally? Am I helping my team thrive in the ambiguity of an accelerating software environment?

The real beauty of no meeting Wednesday is that I have time each week to plan and prioritize the things I want to work on. In the few short hours since I started this post, I listened to a Daniel Pink TED Talk, discussed a new course of action for customer success with a team member, revised a proposal, clarified a new app release with a customer and our development team. Okay, not everything was strategic, but everything was done on my terms this morning. I can’t wait until this afternoon.

So great to have a few hours of inspired work today!

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Matt has worked with emerging software companies for more than 15 years. His sales, marketing and consulting experience is focused on growing new companies and helping them gain market share, by focusing on customer needs.

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