HomeSpotter combines messaging and home search in groundbreaking release

We’ve got news for you. Today, we released a new version of our mobile real estate app that seamlessly integrates chat messaging with home search. We believe every home search is a conversation, therefore, collaboration between home searchers and agents lies at the heart of the real estate process. The new HomeSpotter app makes it fast, easy and fun.


We saw that our users were copying, pasting, emailing and texting properties all over the place as they went through their home search. The process was still really messy. This didn’t make much sense, and our product team soon realized that every home search is really a series of conversations. There’s lots of communication during the home search process. Technology should reflect that reality, not get in its way.

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We decided to combine our mobile property search experience with a familiar text message-like interface so that working and communicating with others through a home search app was simple. With HomeSpotter, users can now share property photo slideshows, not just links, have multiple conversations between friends and family and even facilitate chat between two agents that have full access to agent-only listing information. All of this takes place in one place within the HomeSpotter user experience.


We were ‘mobile first’ before that became a buzzword. Since our founding in 2009 we have worked with real estate brokerage companies and MLSs across the country to create a mobile search experience that rivals that of the big online real estate companies while delivering fresher, better property listings data. That foundation has set the stage for innovations like this.


Share, save, comment and chat…messaging meets home search – 100% mobile, 100% better than the old way. That’s what the next evolution of home search and HomeSpotter is all about.


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