Turning Customers Into Your Biggest Advocates

At HomeSpotter we have different groups of customers.  We have those that we build apps for- MLSs and Brokerages. We have the agents who use our apps as marketing and productivity tools. Finally, we have the consumers who use our apps to search for their next home. Across all these groups we have cheering fans, those who use our apps every day but don’t say much about it and those who share our apps with others in their network.  So how do we know who these people are?

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Reading app reviews and checking social media
Comments can be good or bad, but someone taking the time to write a review or tweet about our work is someone who cares about our product.

Power users
With Flurry Analytics– we have the ability to see the top users on the app. If Mary Smith is consistently logging in each day and doing the things we want her to do with the app, we love her.

We know immediately who is excited and passionate about our apps when we’re launching. We’ll make note of these people so I can make sure they’re fully equipped to continue to be successful- and hope get those who are less enthusiastic on board.

Alright, so we’ve found our potential advocates, now what?

Start with Flurry
See who is using your apps the most and then reach out. Remember this has to be a mutually beneficial conversation.  Try a social media contest- ask them to post about your app with a branded hashtag and give one lucky person a cool gift for the most creative tweet. You could also ask those people to write you a positive app review sharing their experiences.

You get what you give
Whenever HomeSpotter signs a new customer, I’ll send them a handwritten thank you note with my contact information. Those small touches stick in their mind. When they’re happy about our product they’ll be more likely to tell others about those small touches.

Stay on top of mind
If the only time you’re reaching out is when you want something, you might as well stop reaching out completely.  Stay in touch with your top customers all the time.  At HomeSpotter, we send out quarterly dashboards, newsletters, product updates, and more to keep the relationship strong. If you’re an MLS who uses one of our apps send your members monthly tips for using the app or collect agent’s stories to share with others.  If you’re a Broker share with everyone at your company who your top agent is that month (maybe they have the most branded downloads of the app). Reach out when things are good so they don’t associate your app with bad memories.

I hope these tips will help you to continue to see growth in your apps usage.  And speaking of advocates- how are we doing? If you like what you receive from us, tell the world! You can tweet about HomeSpotter here.

Let’s keep this conversation going; comment below. Where do you find your best advocates? How have you worked with them to make sure they continue to be advocates for your company? How have you turned around those who weren’t happy with your product?

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