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Finding ways to connect real estate agents with home buyers and sellers is a moving target, but one thing that isn’t changing is that people are scrolling through their Facebook newsfeeds daily —  1.28 billion people actually, and that’s increasing 18% year over year.  The old park bench ad won’t cut it anymore, but taking on custom targeted online ads is no simple task.

If you subscribe to any real estate blogs, including ours, I’m sure you’ve read countless articles about why Facebook ads are a gold mine for real estate, and you may have even decided to sit down and try to build an ad campaign yourself to see what all the hype is about.

Alright, you’ve created an ad account, and have begun building out your first ad.


You can create ads that are targeted down to things like demographics, behavior, location, interests, and so much more. How slick is that?! This is gonna be a breeze, you think.

The blogs were right – this is a gold mine. But there’s so much more to it than a quick few minutes to create ads that can generate the buzz and views these blogs promised you, like a 500% return on ad investment.

So where does Boost come in?

Here’s where it gets really slick. All you need is a listing (or listings) you want to promote and we’ve got you covered from start to finish.  Boost can be used by an individual agent, a team of agents, and brokers of any size.

Let’s start with what you’re promoting. The moment your listing or open house hits the market, we go to work. You don’t even have to tell us you have a new listing — we already know. Boost starts by pulling together all the details that buyers are looking for in that property. Hi-res images and specific information on the listing like the location, size and price, and even your agent photo and contact information, are gathered together. Now we take all that information about your listing and compile it into a beautiful ad. We even optimize the Facebook ad copy to your specific listing so that it not only matches your goals but also calls attention to the things buyers are looking for.


So now we have the information, we have the ad, we’re done, right? Wait, where are we going to send this traffic to? Don’t worry, you’ve still got Boost. For each listing that is boosted, we’ll automatically create a beautifully branded lead page that captures engagement activity based on your business goals.


Now we’re done though, right? Not quite. We’ve got the ad, we’ve got a place to send traffic, but who are we actually promoting these listings to? We’ve developed an algorithm to build the perfect audience, individually tailored, for each and every one of your listings.

build_audienceFinally, we wrap it all up in a bow so you don’t have to analyze and measure success. Sign in to your Boost dashboard, and get instant access to stats on your ads. We’ll even email those updates too, just in case that’s easier for you. Best of all, you get to have as much or as little involvement as you choose. You can pick the goal, the listings and can even edit the ad if you choose (but if you don’t have time, we’ve got you covered).


Why we built Boost by HomeSpotter?

At HomeSpotter, we believe real estate apps and tools should make the experience easier and better for consumers and their agents. Simply put, we want to make buying and selling homes delightful. We know that means saving you and your clients time so that you can be in the field and not behind your desk creating and managing ads. Whether you’re an individual agent and have one listing or you’re a broker who wants to promote hundreds or thousands of listings each month, saving you time while promoting you and your listings is our ultimate goal.

Want to see a preview of Boost with your listings?

Check out Boost by HomeSpotter to learn more and get started. You can be up and running with high-converting, automated ads in as little as 5 minutes.

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