16 Catchy Real Estate Ads and What You Can Learn From Them

As a real estate agent, a big part of your job involves setting up ads to sell properties and generate leads. But there’s more to advertising than writing a summarized version of your listing, adding an image, throwing it up on Facebook, and waiting for the phone to ring.

Advertising has to be strategic. From the way you communicate your value to the incentives you offer, the ads you create have to speak to your audience’s specific needs and get them to take action. Otherwise, even though your ads look the part, your ROI takes a hit.

To help you start thinking more creatively about how you approach Facebook advertising, here are 16 examples of catchy real estate ads. Use these examples as inspiration to design unique ad campaigns that stand out and get results.

1. Capitalize on SEO and use hashtags

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the driving force behind how people find you online. Based on the keywords your audience uses in their search, for example, “real estate agents in miami florida” or “homes for sale in manhattan,” incorporate them in your ad description, so your listings come up in their search. Better yet, use hashtags—a type of tagging system that makes it easy for users to find specific content—in your social media ads.

In the ad below, the agent uses hashtags like #LosAngelesRealEstate and #FindYourNextHome to attract buyers and sellers in the LA market:

catchy real estate ads

This agent also includes her name in multiple places, which helps if people search for her by name. Her phone number is also listed twice in the ad, which makes it easy for interested people to contact her. Interested leads who see this ad can either call her or click the “Send Message” button to start a conversation via Messenger. Consider using this approach in your ads as well since it helps interested people start a conversation once they see your ad.

Tip: Research your audience and market to get a clear idea of what they’re looking for. Then research hashtags using a tool like Seekmetrics to narrow down which ones you’ll use. Avoid using hashtags that appear in millions of posts since it’ll be harder for your content to be seen. Instead, use hashtags with a few hundred posts.

Rotate through your list—don’t go overboard, include three or four in each post—so that you increase your chances of attracting a wider range of people.

2. Share a 3D tour to pique viewer interest

Facebook video is quickly becoming the go-to way to drive engagement. In fact, Facebook’s algorithm has changed to make videos more visible in users’ News Feeds than they were before. The shift makes sense considering there are millions of videos on Facebook and users spend hours watching them.

Videos are also a cost-effective way for real estate agents to advertise on Facebook vs. on a competitor site like YouTube. When you set up your ad in Facebook Ads Manager, you control your budget, placement, and audience while Facebook makes sure your target audience sees the ad.

catchy real estate ads

This ad uses video to give viewers a tour of a featured property. This ad attracts attention because the video offers a more immersive way for viewers to tour a property. In addition to the detailed description, the video actually shows viewers these details. It’s one thing to talk about the features in a home and another to show people what they are.

Tip: Since 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound, make sure video tours speak for themselves. In addition to showing each room in a house, add captions, which can be pulled from your description, to your video. For example, when the video pans to the front hall, add captions like, “custom-made wood doors” or “original hardwood floors, professionally refinished this year.”

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3. Incorporate the preferences of target audiences

Open houses are a big part of your job. In fact, you might even host one every weekend. Use this time with potential buyers to ask them questions and get to know what they’re looking for. Use a tool like Spacio to keep track of this information so that you can use it to create targeted ads.

The following ad targets a specific audience who has searched certain pages on the agency’s website. Based on the types of homes people browsed, this ad comes off as personal with the hashtag #SinceYourLastVisit plus a short, informal description.

What’s great about this ad is it goes further than just showing one home and shows a carousel of similar properties:

catchy real estate ads

This approach is genius because it gives the audience even more homes to browse and improves the chances of them seeing something they like, so they head back to the listing’s landing page for more details.

Tip: Make sure you have Facebook pixel installed on your website so that you can target specific people based on where they spend time on your site. For example, target people with ads for apartments if you see lots of traffic on your apartment or condo property pages.

4. Offer advice on home maintenance tips

Ads don’t have to be exclusively about you selling a property. Consider running ads that simply share information you know your audience will find useful. What this approach does is position you as a trusted adviser concerned about helping their audience.

catchy real estate ads

This particular ad talks about a type of home maintenance few homeowners think about—their septic system. This ad is part of a blog series that highlights different aspects of home ownership. Once people click on the ad, they’re taken to a landing page with access to other blog posts in the series.

Tip: The more you know about your audience, the better. Think about what buyers are looking for in their new home and share related tips, like “how to qualify for a mortgage” or “how to save up for a down payment.” For sellers, share a series of tips in your ads that talk about “how to stage and prep a home for sale.” Also consider your audience’s pain points. Use your ads to show you understand them and offer solutions to attract leads.

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5. Show off your customer service

Studies show that poor customer support is one of the leading causes of customer churn. Since real estate is also about building long-lasting relationships with clients—they can act as referrals or come back again to buy or sell another home—advertise about your commitment to supporting your clients.

catchy real estate ads

What’s great about this ad is:

  • The description is short and to the point.
  • The graphic is an example of when agents have gone above and beyond what’s expected of them.
  • The call to action (CTA) is somewhat personal, designed to speak to individuals in different areas.

Tip: Run a series of ads that show examples of your customer service in action. Use creative graphics like the one above, images of your team, or even a video testimonial of a recent client who’s happy with the support they got from you. This last approach is especially helpful because it helps build social proof. Your audience doesn’t have to take your word for it; they can hear about first-hand experiences from other clients.

6. Use creative positioning to sell older properties

Older homes that are outdated and need work tend to sit on the market longer than the national average of 68 days before they sell. This can be frustrating for sellers who want to sell these properties and move on without selling the property at a loss. Another approach is to position these homes as investment properties that cater to the growing flip-and-sell market.

catchy real estate ads

What this ad does well is to call out specific benefits of the property, like the large lot size and hardwood floors. These are features that will attract savvy investors. Also, instead of listing all of the property details in the ad—which can be tempting when you want to sell quickly—the ad instead asks interested viewers to click on the “Learn More” CTA for more pictures, the price, and more.

It’s likely serious investors will reach out for this information, which means this real estate team can nurture hot leads after the information is sent.

Tip: Use hashtags like #FixAndFlip or #investment[CITY NAME] to cater to people looking for these types of properties, so they stop scrolling through their feed to read your ad.

7. Use unique imagery to garner interest

The majority of people are visual learners, so a surefire way to get them to stop scrolling through their Facebook News Feed is to use imagery they don’t see often. For example, a tool like Matterport lets you create virtual tours that feel like you’re inside the property, not just viewing it on a screen online.

This ad example is unique in that it’s showcasing a cave home, but what makes it stand out is the focus is on some of the home’s more interesting features. The video ad points out features like the stalactites and excavated hallways:


Find what makes each of your properties unique and highlight them in your ads. For example, this might be a built-in BBQ, covered patio, or butler’s pantry. Use anything that lines up with your audience’s search preferences.

Tip: Since most videos are watched without sound, use your brand colors to help your captions stand out. This way, all of your ads are consistent, and over time, it gets easier for your audience to distinguish your ads from your competitors’.

8. Use descriptive words to create interest

Well-written content carries a lot of weight because it helps readers envision what’s being described. With your real estate ads, use descriptive words like luxurious, voluminous, modern, and elegant to highlight why people should schedule a property tour.

catchy real estate ads

What this ad does well is it pairs the descriptive listing description with a video. This combination works because the video backs up the claims made in the description. For example, the ad mentions how “captivating and expansive” the space is. The video shows how wide and open the open concept living room and kitchen spaces are.

Tip: Like the ad above, include all the relevant information needed to pique interest—square footage, number of bedrooms, and location—but leave out the price. This way, interested viewers will have to call or message you to find out more. Include your phone number and a link for people to message you.

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9. Highlight your specialties

Buying or selling a home is a massive task for your clients. It’s likely the biggest sale or purchase they’ll ever make. That’s why it’s important for them to work with an agent who knows the market well and has expertise in key areas. For example, if you’re an expert negotiator who’s strong at getting asking prices, include that in your ad.

This particular ad is advertising the services of the real estate agent vs. the properties she has available. She shares a concise introduction of who she is so that clients in her target audience can find her and know how she’ll help them:

catchy real estate ads

Tip: Based on your specialty areas, include a video or image of you in action. For example, if you offer home valuations, include an image of you talking to prospective clients.

10. Use stats to prove your experience

Similar to showcasing your specialties, don’t be afraid to emphasize your experience. Buyers and sellers value experience, so use your ads to show yours.

catchy real estate ads

This ad highlights how large the real estate team is and mentions how long they’ve been in business. As a team that’s been around since the 1950s, they’ve established a sense of trust because it’s implied that they must know what they’re doing.

This description is accompanied by a stunning image that adds to the feeling of prestige.

Tip: List out all of your experiences and your team’s. Group similar achievements together to give them more weight. For example, if there are five agents in your agency each with 5-10 years of experience, add up all of the years and advertise the over 35 years of combined experience your team has.

11. Share personal stories to make a connection

Social proof and the fear of missing out are both marketing concepts that emphasize the fact that oftentimes people tailor their actions based on what their peers are doing. After all, that’s how trends are set, right? Someone sees something they like, they start using it, then share about it, and more people start using it.

Use this approach in your real estate ads to share the personal stories of people you’ve worked with and even share a little bit about your successes as an agent. This particular ad is for an event for realtors and features a touching video of one of the members sharing his family’s immigration story and the value of buying a home:

catchy real estate ads

Tip: Run monthly ads that feature an interview with a customer. Ask questions that get them to share about their experience working with you and their overall impression of the process of buying or selling their home. Use CTAs like “Learn More,” “Request Time,” “Contact Us,” “Book Now” to get people to click the ad and head over to your website.

12. Position yourself against the competition

There are 1.3 million real estate agents in the U.S. Even though you’re all spread out across different states, cities, and even niches, there’s still a considerable amount of competition to contend with. For example, a quick drive around any suburban neighborhood will highlight just how many For Sale signs are up—all managed by different agents and agencies.

Since up to 99% of people research properties and the buying process online before buying a house, use your ads to show why you’re better than the competition. What special services do you offer? How many deals do you close on average per month? How do clients feel about customer support?

Like the example below, use your ad to talk about these factors. One option is to show proof of why you’re the better choice. This ad uses a bar chart that compares one brokerage to all the others. The bold white headline highlights the value the ad is trying to share: work with us and we’ll meet your needs:

catchy real estate ads

Tip: Use images to support your claims. For example, this ad uses a bar chart and percentage over an image of a couple happily talking with their agent. Your ads can also use video that includes pie or scatter charts throughout to help viewers visualize how you’re different from the competition.

13. Advertise your events

A creative way to advertise upcoming events, like open houses, is to position your ads to say you’re hosting them. This approach feels more like you inviting your audience to the event vs. just creating an ad for an event without mentioning yourself. Saying you’re hosting the event adds a personal touch and feels more authentic.

catchy real estate ads

In this example, the real estate agency includes the agent’s name and picture so that the ad has a human feel. Plus, the CTA at the bottom of the ad also includes the agent’s name—“Learn more from Natalie Rybakov.” The ad also implies responses will be coming from the agent and not just a faceless agency.

Tip: Remember, building relationships are key to success as a real estate agent, so find ways to put your name and image in your ads. This helps you build an expectation and a familiarity since leads know who you are before they meet you in person. This works best for agencies that have a lot of different agents hosting events. Including their names adds a personal touch to your ads.

14. Show off multiple listings in one post

Buyers, especially, spend a lot of time online browsing for properties they like. In fact, sites like Pinterest make it easy for people to save images of the type of home they want to buy. To cater to a buyer’s need to see lots of properties in order to narrow down what their ideal home looks like, use your ads to give your audience an idea of how you can help them get what they want.

Don’t limit your ads to just one image; use a carousel or slideshow ad to showcase multiple images. As in the example below, the ad shows a sample of recent ads in a particular area:

catchy real estate ads

Another option is to show different images of the same property. This gives buyers a quick peek into a property they like and encourages them to click on the ad to learn more.

Tip: Use the last card in the series to share your contact details and social media platforms. This way, people have the option to reach out to you with questions, follow you on social media, or both.

15. Have fun with GIFs

GIFs are a great way to share a visual snapshot that repeats itself. There are lots of reasons to incorporate GIFs in your Facebook advertising. For example:

  • They’re eye-catching and widely appreciated by viewers.
  • They give your ads a trendy feel.
  • They’re relatively easy to create—they can be a snippet from a longer video.
  • They’re shareable, which helps extend your brand’s reach.
  • They showcase your personality.

Tip: GIFs are a great tool to teach your audience how to do something. Based on your audience’s interests, use GIFs that show how easy it is to work with you, how to stage a home, or how to prep for a move. The point is to offer something of value but have fun with it to get your audience interested.

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16. Create an image gallery of featured properties

When a buyer finds a house they’re interested in, they spend time flipping through the images, imagining themselves in the home. The more pictures there are to view, the longer buyers stay on your property pages and the closer they move to making a decision to reach out for more information.

Cater to this need for buyers to explore homes virtually by including an image gallery in your ads:

catchy real estate ads

In this ad, the real estate agency shared a new listing with a lengthy and descriptive description, along with 14 different photos of the featured property. For your ads, rotate through properties you want to sell quickly by running this kind of ad regularly. This gives buyers more information to process during their research stage, and if you’ve targeted your ad right, you’ll get qualified leads.

Tip: Focus on the features that are most important to your buyers. As you know, bathrooms and kitchens can make or break a sale, so start there. Use professional photography, with pictures taken at the right time of day, to capture the feel of the home. The images in your ad might be the first interaction your audience has with you, so use your gallery to showcase the caliber of homes you have to offer.

Get started with catchy real estate ads

Now you’re ready to start creating memorable ads that get more clicks and leads. Experiment with the options we’ve shared but also expand on them to find what works best for your target audience.

What’s great about these types of ads is the option to be as creative and out-of-the-box as you want. Your audience is bombarded with real estate ads all day long—in the real world and digitally—so use this opportunity to come up with ads you know your audience hasn’t seen before.

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