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Today, it’s not enough to simply have a personal business page and post content to it periodically. To make the most of your social media marketing efforts, you need to have a digital strategy that is consistently targeting and engaging with new and existing people in the area you’ve decided to focus on. 

One way to do this is to run targeted ads promoting your brand across the web to potential buyers and sellers, which is why Boost decided to launch our new Agent Promotion ads. We’ll take the work out of targeting, publishing, tracking and measuring ad campaigns, while giving you the freedom to feature your own creative and landing page.  

Boost Agent Promotion ads will feature you on Facebook, Instagram and across the web, on thousands of websites people visit daily.

So let’s talk ad copy and where you should be driving traffic for these agent promotion ads. We’ve outlined a few different themes and ideas that cover consumers who might be considering things like the area you cover, trust, knowledge, price of services, and even charisma. Take these tips into consideration as you’re polishing up or changing out your agent promotion ad copy. 

Ad Copy: 

The Local Area Expert:

  • What are the current local market stats in your area that you can feature on your ad?
  • Do you provide local CMAs for sellers looking to find out what their home is worth? 
  • Do you have others on your team that you can promote with your services? A local lender plus your services all in one? 

The Personal Connection: 

  • Are you a member of any local groups or have hobbies/pets that you’d like to call out that might resonate with people looking for an agent? 
  • Do you get a lot of referral business? Featuring this information can show that people like working with you so much that they recommend you to others.
  • Do you have any past client quotes you can feature in your ad?

Current Promotions:

  • Do you offer free photography when someone lists with you? Call that out in your ad!

Your Achievements As An Agent: 

  • How many years experience do you have?
  • Have you won any awards that you can call out on your ad?
  • What is your typical listing DOM? 

Other things to consider: 


While you may want to fill in all of your achievements for the past 20 years, remember that short sentences that don’t require explantation perform best in a Facebook ad. Users are scrolling fast, so you want to make sure to feature what makes you stand out in just a few words or sentences. 

A Clear Call to Action

People want to know what they need to do to get the information they want fast. This can be as simple as asking the question “Do you have questions about real estate?” with the button to learn more. At a glance, someone should know that they can click on your ad to take the next steps in buying or selling a home. 

What Does it Look Like? 

We’ll provide you with an ad template that you can upload your headshot to, or you can use our upload ad creative tool to upload an image yourself. If you’re going to upload your own ad image, take into consideration the ad copy you’ve chosen to go alongside the ad, and not that your web ad will not have any additional copy accompanying the ad image itself. Ad images should not be too busy, having a single focus and clear call to action. Focus on your overall brand strategy, and think about the colors and images you use for other marketing materials to make sure everything is aligned.


Where to Send Traffic?

Once you’ve caught people’s attention and they’ve clicked on your ad, you need to make sure you’re driving the traffic to a page that allows you to convert more leads. A landing page is a stand-alone page on your website that is dedicated to a topic. In this case, you might have written in your ad copy above “Want to know what your home is worth?” and then someone clicks on your ad and is brought to a page where they can search for homes, or see a bio about you. That doesn’t align with what they’re expecting to get when they clicked on your ad, and they’ll likely leave immediately. 

Instead, you should have brought them to a page to fill out a form and get more information about what their home is worth, like this: 

As you’re thinking about where you want to send your ad traffic, keep your goals in mind and what you’re featuring on your ad. 

There are a ton of great tools that can help you with this. Check out our blog from earlier this year to go into full details of how to create a landing page that converts more leads. 

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