12 Best Instagram Accounts for Real Estate Agents to Follow

Social media is a great way for real estate agents to grow their networks, market homes, and score clients. In fact, 77% of real estate agents use social media, according to research by the National Association of Realtors.

Instagram, in particular, is an ideal place for agents to connect with clients and one another. Nearly half of real estate agents report that social media brings the highest quality leads, according to the same NAR report, which makes sense. Half of the social network’s billion active users are on the social network daily, so it’s an excellent platform for agents to meet clients.

Learn how to appeal to prospective clients on Instagram, as well as gain insight into how Instagram can help your business with this list of the 12 best real estate Instagram accounts to follow.

For Real Estate Social Marketing Tips

These social-savvy agents are a great source for tips on how you can use Instagram to grow your business, your followers, and your profits. Following these accounts can be beneficial for social media newbies, as well as for real estate agents with social experience who are looking to take their Instagram profiles to the next level.

1. @chelsea.peitz

Chelsea Peitz’s Instagram is all about helping real estate agents up their Instagram game. In addition to posting tips and tutorials—for everything from design hacks to social strategy — she also has free downloadables for real estate agents and offers free Instagram audits.

2. @katielance

Katie Lance is the founder of the #GetSocialSmart Academy for Real Estate, and she’s amassed thousands of Instagram followers by sharing her social media tips and video tutorials made specifically with real estate agents in mind.

Katie Lance Instagram
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3. @gogosrealestate

With more than 40,000 Instagram followers, Gogo Bethke knows a thing or two about using social media to advance a real estate career. She uses her platform to teach other real estate agents about how they can improve their social presence and offers a paid social media course called Gogo’s Bootcamp.

Gogos real estate Instagram

For Showing Your Personal Side

74% of sellers use social media to find their real estate agent, and while they’re looking for experienced agents, they also want to work with someone who’s authentic and relatable. That’s why it’s a good idea to learn how to mix the personal with the professional. These real estate Instagram accounts will help you do just that because they’re excellent examples of how you can promote your real estate business while also showcasing how you’re an active member of the community you help people buy and sell in.

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4. @dustyjbaker

This Sotheby’s realtor shares plenty of listings and recently sold properties on his Instagram, as well as photos with his colleagues—but it’s clear that Dusty Baker isn’t all work and no play. He also posts plenty of family photos and pictures of himself exploring Montecito, California, and participating in local community events.

dustyjbaker Instagram

5. @acolerealty

Angie Cole, a realtor in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, is another great example of how agents can use Instagram to both promote properties for sale and share glimpses of their personal lives. She posts lots of sweet and funny moments from motherhood, as well as upcoming and current listings and information to educate potential customers about the home-buying process.

For Building Your Local Presence

When people are in the market for a house, they’re not only looking for a place to live—they’re also looking for a neighborhood to call home. That’s why it’s important for real estate agents to establish themselves as experts in the cities and neighborhoods they work in, and no agent does this better on Instagram than Ian Grossman.

6. @realestate_atx

Grossman has amassed thousands of Instagram followers and established himself as one of the top real estate agents in Austin, Texas, through his unique approach to selling on social media. He uses his platform to provide a local’s look at various Austin neighborhoods and attractions, such as sharing his top picks for the city’s best coffee and where to find the most delicious slice of pizza. He also uses his Instagram presence to promote his YouTube channel, where he posts full-length videos to help home buyers become better acquainted with the city he sells in.

realestate_atx Instagram

Want to start your own YouTube channel for your real estate business? Check out this guide.

For Incredible Real Estate Photography

High-quality listing photos play a huge role in whether a home gets sold or not. In fact, research shows that listings with professional photography sell homes 32% faster than all other listings, as these homes spend an average of only 89 days on the market. Take a look at a couple of Instagram accounts that utilize great photography to help make sales.

7. @sweatbros

These sibling realtors for Keller Williams showcase gorgeous photos of home exteriors from California’s Bay Area on their Instagram. Their photos are colorful, bright, and highlight the area’s natural surroundings. Their beautifully curated feed also does an incredible job of making both their houses and their community have a homey, lived-in feel that’ll appeal to buyers.

8. @stylishdetroit

Hundreds of agents in the Detroit area use Stylish Detroit’s services, which include not only photography of home interiors and exteriors, but also drone photography. Follow the company’s account to browse through its impressive photography, videos, and 3D home tours. Improve your own real estate photography with these tips.

stylishdetroit Instagram

For Showcasing Fixer-Uppers

Not every home is a ready-to-move-into gem. Check out these accounts for ideas on how to showcase those fixer-uppers and make the process of home renovation an exciting one.

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9. @flipsocal

Realtor Bill Larsen in Southern California has a knack for not only flipping homes but also for promoting them on Instagram. His photos and clever captions provide inspiration for agents who need to show buyers the potential of a not-quite-ready-to-move-into home, as well as lots of ideas on how to market these properties.

flipsocal Instagram

10. @therehablife

With 100,000 Instagram followers and more than double that number of YouTube subscribers, these home flippers and remodelers are pros at taking a fixer-upper to a must-have property. In addition to plenty of remodeling tips, they also provide real estate agents with countless ideas on how to rethink design, as well as affordable staging tips to truly make a house look like a home.

therehablife Instagram

For Motivation to Grow Your Business

We all need a little inspiration to keep us excited about buying and selling homes. This real estate account provides motivation for growing your business as an agent, along with self-improvement tips.

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11. @tomferry

Tom Ferry is a real estate coach and New York Times bestselling author with more than 129,000 Instagram followers. In addition to motivational quotes, he also shares tactics for business planning, marketing, and sales, and he continually challenges his followers to set goals and achieve them.

Tom Ferry Instagram

For a Good Laugh

Real estate agents, of course, should use Instagram to buy and sell homes. But along the way, agents should also be having fun on the platform! Showing your humorous side feels good and it helps you attract more clients. Look to this account when you need a laugh or when you want inspiration to bring a little humor to your own account.

12. @thebrokeagent

The popularity of this hilarious Instagram account has resulted in a book and an entire merchandise line. The account is a collection of real estate memes, pop culture references, jokes, and clever musings that any real estate agent is bound to find relatable and hysterical.

thebrokeagent Instagram account

Buy, Sell, and Connect on Instagram

Clearly, there’s no shortage of ways to use Instagram as a real estate agent. Whether you’re looking to connect with potential buyers and sellers in your area or showcase your listings, this social network is the ideal place to do it—and now you know exactly who to follow for inspiration, motivation, and even a good laugh.

As you experiment with different types of posts and grow your Instagram following, keep an eye on your analytics to see which of your posts and stories perform best. Use this comprehensive guide to Instagram analytics to learn more about what your audience wants, so you can improve your social strategy.

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