Build the Perfect Real Estate Open House Landing Page

Whether you’re an agent hosting a single open house or a major brand hoping to support hundreds of events as part of a mega open house blitz, the best practices for creating an event landing page remain the same. After speaking with marketing experts and real estate leaders across the country, here are the six must-have elements to include when building a real estate open house landing page. 

1. Optimize the page for mobile

You’ll likely build the page on a desktop or laptop computer, which means that it will look pixel-perfect from your wide-screen monitor. But it’s unlikely that consumers will access the page in the same way. 

Seventy-three percent of buyers used a mobile or tablet search device in their home search1. Buyers like to search and make choices on the go, and it’s critical that marketers support this desire and behavior.

Mobile optimization means more than just scaling down the content so it’s readable on an iPhone; you’ll also want to be sure that the calls-to-action and functions of the page operate just as well (or even better!) when a consumer pulls up the page from their iPad or mobile device.

Google has a free tool that will check and rate the mobile optimization of any URL. Test it out here.

  1. National Association of REALTORS® 2019 Profile of Buyers and Sellers 

2. Add branding and contact information

Next, make sure that the open house landing page includes branding for both the broker and listing agent. This includes:

  • Agent photo
  • Brand logo
  • Agent license number (and other credentials required by your association)

If the landing page is customizable, you can also add your broker or team’s colors so that it matches your brand’s look and feel. 

Next, offer multiple ways for landing page visitors to get in touch. Don’t assume these folks will attend the open house and ask in person, get them talking now! Provide your email and phone number(s), noting which number they can text. You can also include a form on the landing page, and make sure that each response gets routed to your email for immediate follow-up.

3. Give them the info they want

Make sure you’re offering enough information for them to make a decision about attending the open house. Upload a robust photo gallery, provide a detailed listing description, and frame in neighborhood or other market data that provides context on the area.

4. Get the event on their calendar

To represent a sense of urgency and to encourage them to begin planning their open house tour, add a countdown clock to the page. Then, include an easy “Add event to calendar” button, which automatically creates an appointment on their preferred calendar. 

That way, you can ensure that no matter how busy they get on the day of the event, they’ll still get a reminder to attend the open house they were so excited about earlier in the week.

5. Provide basic mortgage details

Our data shows that 50% of open house attendees who sign into the Spacio platform are pre-approved for financing. The other half may need additional lending guidance, including basic information about setting a responsible budget.

By adding a quick mortgage calculator, you can provide an estimated monthly payment that includes the principal, interest, tax and insurance for the listing based on customizable loan terms. It’s an easy and effective way to get them thinking about their budget and how this house may fit into it.

6. Collect their contact information

Last and most importantly, you want a way to collect their contact information so you can follow up in the future. Consider “gating” some of the key information about the property, then prompt visitors to unlock the data or insights by providing their contact information.

At Boost by HomeSpotter, our landing pages can withhold the property address, map directions and photo gallery until the visitor unlocks the page using their Facebook account. We are able to collect the email address they have provided Facebook, and can follow up with automated (and targeted) campaigns in the future.

Ready to build the perfect real estate open house landing page?

A top-performing open house landing page must include the content that buyers want, even if it’s locked behind an opt-in feature. By providing visitors with a clear indication of what they’ll get by providing their contact information, agents can learn more about who’s coming to their page — and have the insights they need to get in touch directly.

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