New: Boost adds streamlined checkout, daily summary email, and more

At Boost, we’re always working to improve our program for our customers. We are happy to announce the latest releases for Boost.

  • Daily Summaries – Get fewer unnecessary notification emails and quick access to the leads that deserve follow up
  • Streamlined Checkout – Create new ads faster than ever
  • Ad Template Upgrades – Take advantage of the latest ad optimization results

Read on for the details on these features, designed to save you time and to make your Boost campaigns more productive.

Daily Summary Email.

Boost can send you all types of notifications about your ads including emails about a new ad that’s about to go live, public comments and reactions people make on your ads, ad results reports, information and mortgage requests, and ad unlocks made from a Boost landing page. We get it, this can be a lot. In fact, on a standard 1-week ad you might receive up to 50 email notifications from Boost!

The number one feedback we got from you guys was that you don’t know how to manage all of the notifications, and you’re busy enough as it is. How do you know what’s important, and what can wait?

Boost will now start sending you a single summary of your ad’s daily activities, and we’ve sorted them by order of importance.

  • Those that raised their hand and asked for someone to contact them are at the very top so you can respond right away.
  • Next, we’ll show you any public comments on your ads. These can be great leads, and they also allow you to drive the public conversation about your ad and your brand. Review these comments regularly and take action when appropriate.
  • Finally, we’ll give you a simple count of “Other engagement” which includes those people who went to your ad’s listing landing page (if using Boost landing pages) and unlocked more photos, an address or directions to your listing, and those who may have given your ad a thumbs up or other social reaction. Consider adding these users to your database for follow up through future drip campaigns.

You can quickly sign into your dashboard from this email to see the full results and even download a CSV file of the ad and landing page activity.

We’ve also sorted these in your dashboard so you can get a feel for what needs to be followed up with immediately at a glance.

Daily Summary: Dashboard

We’ve added the daily summary to your default email notification settings, but you can sign into your dashboard and update your email preferences as you choose.

Ad Checkout

Sticking with the theme of time, we’ve also made improvements to the dashboard checkout process so you can quickly create your ads with our new streamlined single page checkout.

We’ve updated both the order and the time it takes so you better understand what you’re promoting and can get an ad live up and running in a matter of just seconds. Start with a preview of your ad and make edits, next choose where you’ll send traffic when someone clicks on your ad, finally choose the ad size (number of people who will see it) and length. Boom! You’re off and running with a live ad! See the full checkout details here.

Facebook Ad Optimization

Finally, we’ve also spent time reviewing the ads we’ve been running over the past year and iterated our default Facebook ad template to increase the views, clicks, and engagement with your ads.

  • We tested many different headlines for ads, and yes, some included adding emojis 😍 👍 🏡
  • We tested different CTAs (call to action) like adding “Learn More” to listing ads
  • We tested pushing listing description above the ad rather than below

And voila! We found some simple changes that have made your ads perform better than before! We’ve pushed this live in some markets already, and we’ll be phasing this and other new iterations out across our platform in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned as we have even more great new features in the works! If you think this round of updates was great – we’re just getting started!

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