How To Distribute Virtual Tours By Requiring Sign-ins with Spacio’s Lead Capture Forms

We recently outlined how to use Spacio to capture virtual open house leads. There’s a second way to leverage Spacio to generate more buzz for your listings — and to see if you have any promising buyer leads right within your own sphere. 

Spacio allows you to:

  • “Lock down” a virtual tour link for your listed properties. 
  • Require that contacts sign in using the form, in order to view the virtual tour.
  • Send an automated email with the “unlocked” tour link to anyone who completes the form.

Here’s how to set that feature up. 

How to require customers to sign-in before accessing your virtual tour 

1. Add your Virtual Tour URL in Property Description

When setting up your property in Spacio, add your virtual tour link in the Description section of the Property Details menu. Anyone who signs in using your Spacio external registration link can be sent an auto-email that will include the full Description — including your video tour link. Let’s be sure to turn on the auto-email feature next.

2. Enable Auto Email

Go to the Edit/Preview Sign-In Form and enable the Auto Email feature if you haven’t already. Set the duration to Immediately, so that all respondents will get the auto email (and virtual tour link) immediately after signing in. Make sure you set Email Required under Mandatory Contact Info.

3. Adjust Your Sign-In Form

You’ll also want to adjust questions if they still reflect physical open houses. For example, instead of asking how they heard about your open house, change the question to read, “How did you find this property?”

4. Grab Your External Registration Link

In the My Properties menu, copy the External Registration Link, which you’ll send to your database of contacts. 

5. Adjust Your Auto Email Template

Under the Settings menu, adjust your Auto Email Template and remove any language that thanks the visitor for attending the open house. For example, you may want to remove the first sentence “Thank you for taking the time to attend the Open House for {{oh_addr1}} on {{today}}.” Make sure you have the {{oh_details}} email tag in the email template, this corresponds to the Description field in Property Details.


Here at HomeSpotter, our team is working at lightning speed to innovate and launch even more virtual features that can help agents during these uncertain times. We’ll begin rolling out these new enhancements next week, so watch your inbox.

If you have any ideas for an enhancement for Spacio, drop us a line at We take every suggestion seriously!

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