How to Use Spacio to Capture Leads at a Virtual Open House

As you consider incorporating digital offerings — like virtual tours and open houses — into your business, don’t miss out on opportunities to generate leads from the viewers who are tuning in from home.

Most agents know to use Spacio for in-person open house lead capture, but you can also take advantage of our technology to collect the contact information of online consumers who are:

  • attending a virtual open house for your listings
  • watching virtual tours


Already running virtual tours? Here’s a video you can follow to begin capturing leads immediately. If you’re new to virtual events, read on for more in-depth information.

Leveraging your unique Spacio property URL

We create a unique URL for every property created in Spacio. It’s called the External Registration Link. We encourage you to use the External Registration Link anywhere you are promoting your virtual open house, including within:

  • Facebook event invites
  • Facebook Live comments
  • Webinar invitations sent via email
  • The comments or chat of any virtual event or meeting platform
  • Social media posts after the event has concluded

Launching the form

Anyone who clicks on the External Registration Link is brought to your unique Spacio Open House Form, which will operate the same way as it does for an in-person open house: 

  • If you have customized the form, the visitor will see and fill out the customized form. 
  • Any contacts that are collected will be integrated with your CRM and funneled into your marketing solutions for follow-up (assuming you have previously set up this functionality). 

How to get the External Registration Link for virtual open house lead capture 

Within the main menu of your property in Spacio, click Edit Sign-in Form.

In the top right corner, you’ll see a section titled Registration Link. Within that section, click the Copy button.

Paste the External Registration link anywhere you promote your virtual open house, and stress that it’s important that potential buyers register so that you can help them access the open house and answer any questions they may have after the event has concluded.


If you’ve made virtual tours a part of your listing strategy, we can help there too. Use Spacio to require users to register for each virtual tour using customizable forms. Each lead is captured and automatically sent to your CRM. Plus you can set automated emails to follow up on each view of your virtual tour.

Read more about how to get the most out of your virtual tours with Spacio.

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