Virtual Events Now Supported in Spacio

Over the past few weeks our product team has been working around the clock to develop enhanced functionality around virtual events and we’re excited to announce the new capabilities. Starting today, agents can expand their use of Spacio to include virtual open house events and virtual tours to ensure all leads are captured and followed up with.


The rise of virtual events

With social distancing orders in place, real estate professionals have had to adjust the way that they serve clients and extend their businesses online. As consumers are still looking to buy and sell while remaining safely distanced until lockdown rules are eased, using virtual experiences has become essential for agents.

  • Virtual open houses are live streamed events where an agent walks through the home while fielding questions and requests from a live audience attending online. These can be conducted using a tool like Facebook Live or Zoom.
  • Virtual tours are pre-recorded videos created through services like BoxBrownie, immoviewer, Matterport, or even a mobile phone. These include 3D walkthroughs and standard videos.

Thankfully, services for creating virtual experiences are effective and readily available. However existing tools often lack suitable lead capture functionality. Spacio is here to make sure you can register attendees that are interested in joining your event, qualify the leads with customized questionnaires and ensure immediate follow up.

New Registration Pages: Virtual Open House Invitation and Virtual Tour Request 

Now, Spacio supports multiple forms per property, allowing you to customize registration forms for Virtual Open House Invitations and Virtual Tour Requests in addition to the traditional open house. Spacio delivers your virtual tour or event details to registered guests, while logging leads under each property for your database, just as we have done in the past for your in-person Open House Visitors.

Each lead is stored in Spacio and routed to your CRM, and any other solutions you have integrated, according to your settings.

Creating a Virtual Open House Invitation Registration Page

Using Spacio you can easily create a registration form for your virtual open house invitations that serves as a landing page for a live open house event, to make sure you can capture and follow up with leads. 

Spacio Virtual Open House Invitations drive consumers to a page where they can pre-register for your event.

Steps to create a virtual open house registration page

  1. Create an new event with a streaming provider such as Zoom and copy the live stream link customers need to click on to join the meeting/webinar
  2. Paste that link into your Virtual Open House Invitation form in Spacio  in the Link to Livestream Event field
  3. Fill in the date and time of the event and hit Save
Enter a link to your live stream event and share your Spacio registration page

Once you’ve completed setup a Spacio Registration Link will be generated. This is the page that you can share with your network, your mailing list, and even post in your MLS or ads.

Customize your email outreach template by using the Settings/Email Templates link.

After registering using your event page, consumers will automatically receive an email with your virtual open house details and how to join the live event.

Registrants automatically get an email with the details they need.

Creating a Virtual Tour Request Registration Page

Have a virtual tour to share? You can easily create a registration page to enable automatic follow up to anyone who registers to request to view your Virtual Tour. By gating your content you can tailor your messages to the prospects who are most  interested in viewing your listing tour, instead of sending the video out to everyone in your network without feedback. Since all that you need is a link to your video, you can use tours created with BoxBrownie, immoviewer, Matterport, and other providers or use a tour you’ve created yourself.

Create a virtual tour request page to capture interest in your virtual tours

Steps to create a virtual tour request registration page

  1. Paste a link to your virtual tour into your Virtual Tour Request form in Spacio 
  1. Complete the other fields for your page. Tip – include a subheadline that describes what users can expect next. Hit Save and a Spacio Registration Link will be generated. 
  2. Share your link with your network through email, your mailing list, and your ads.

Once consumers fill in this form, they will automatically get an email from you with details on how to access your virtual tour. Each lead is stored in Spacio and automatically routed to your CRM according to your settings.

Making Spacio More Useful

We’re excited to bring these new capabilities to Spacio to make it an even more valuable tool for gathering and organizing your leads at your events. We invite you to explore the new ways you can use these lead capture pages beyond your physical open houses and would love to get your feedback as we continue to add features. Please reach out by emailing We look forward to hearing from you! 

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