Introducing Spacio Private Events

Spacio has long been the #1 system for maximizing leads at traditional open house events. Over the past 6 months we’ve been working to make Spacio even more useful by supporting virtual open house events and by distributing virtual tours via our registration forms. Today we are thrilled to announce a new significant upgrade to Spacio for all customers: Spacio Private Events.

The Private Event is a new category of event within Spacio, when you want to invite consumers to select from available session times. These sessions are configured within the app so you can manage the flow of foot traffic at your open house or other public gathering. As always, Spacio forms allow you to ask custom qualifying questions during pre-registration and lead details are routed to your CRM without a need for manual data entry from you.

Use the New Private Event Feature

To create a new private event for your property, use the Start Event option for your listing and select Private Event.

Fill in your event name and description. You can use the Event Details field to include any special instructions for your event, such as wearing a mask.

Tap Schedule a Session to make a new block of time available on your form. You can indicate how many reservations you will allow for this block. Note: each reservation represents a party so there may be multiple visitors for each reservation booked. 

Create multiple sessions to give visitors an option for when they’d like to come and consider adding a gap between time blocks to allow for cleaning and prep between sessions.

Complete your form by indicating which pre-qualification questions you’d like to include and selecting the rest of your settings. Once you’ve filled in the details for your event, invite prospects by sharing the Spacio Registration Link at the top of the form.

Upon registering, consumers will get an email confirming their reservation along with the instructions you included on your form. All of the lead details are captured in Spacio and sent to your CRM automatically. Have a great event!

More Safety, More Convenience

By managing foot traffic through Private Events, you can ensure that your event is safe and enjoyable for guests and for your seller. For open houses, your home owner will appreciate having a block of time set aside for your event, with a predictable and pre-qualified group of potential buyers.

Private Events are available in the app now for all customers. For support visit:

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