New in the HomeSpotter App: Activity Feed

Thousands of agents and consumers rely on HomeSpotter’s Connect app to power the home buying process. Agents share the app with their clients to provide them with cutting edge search tools tied directly into MLS data and to make it easy to collaborate. 

We are excited to announce a powerful new section of the app, designed to give agents more chances to collaborate with with clients by revealing more data on app usage.

Meet the Activity Feed.

The New Activity Feed Tab

Agents that use the app to collaborate with clients will now see a new Activity Feed section, where they can view a stream of user activities as they happen. The feed reveals key events like users downloading and registering the app, selecting a property as a favorite or removing listings from their search results.

HomeSpotter Activity Feed

Agents also get updates on status changes for their saved properties and other notifications based on MLS data. Additional Activity Feed events will be added to the stream in the coming weeks.

The new release marks a significant update for Connect by HomeSpotter and is based on suggestions from the HomeSpotter agent user base. One of the most requested improvements has been improving visibility into what consumers are interested in. By noting the properties that clients are interacting with the most in the app, agents now know when to reach out and offer additional context and advice based on their expertise. 

Consumer Search Refinements

Because consumers’ search parameters tend to change throughout the home search process, it’s important to stay on top of their latest preferences. As clients change the kinds of homes that are in their favorite list, agents using Connect will be instantly informed through the Activity Feed. Tap on a contact’s record in the app to get a summary of their latest choices.

Agent Notifications and Settings

The Activity Feed feature helps agents by intelligently surfacing the most notable of these updates so agents know when to take action. Agents can also control the volume and frequency of notifications in the app’s settings.

Look for the new section within the Connect by HomeSpotter app to be rolled out this week and additional events to be added in the following weeks.

For support on Activity Feed, visit our help center for more information.

You can also attend one of our upcoming training webinars.

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